Saturday, September 6, 2008

Would you like some cheese with your whine?

It is the last week of class and all of the students who haven't been working on their final paper as they should have are beginning to complain that they do not have enough time. My 'favorite' snowflake is a student who did turn in their rough draft, which I graded and made comments and suggestions on. This student wasn't on the right track so I pointed them in the right direction. This students response? To complain in the student chat section of the course room that they "hated" my class, I "tore their paper apart", and they didn't have time to rewrite the whole paper. They went on to state that they didn't think my class should be "this hard".

I find I have a hard time bringing up any pity for these types of whiners. How do others deal with these students who are under the delusion that your online class should be "easier" and that you are being "unfair" because you expect them to turn in college level work without bitch slapping them into the middle of next week?


Anonymous said...

I do not have a student "chat" forum any longer in my classes. I call it "current events" and tell them that the only topics they can post about are current events that relate to the course content. I also have a Q&A forum and they may ask course related questions and no "chit chat" about anything else.

One school where I teach forbids us to have "chat" forums and goes even one step further and disables email for students. They do not have each others' email and can only email me.

I've had no problems with students' complaining to each other since I cut out the chat forums.

Manos said...

I have never used the chat options across any platforms I use. If they are available when I get a course shell, I turn them off. Nothing but headaches.